Hurricane Ivan Will Soon Make Landfall...

…Over Mobile Bay, apparently. That spares New Orleans a direct hit, although by the looks of things, they’re already encountering hurricane-force winds.

Watching CNN, I hear the on-location newscaster report on the people that are sticking around. One eyewitness, apparently, walked up to the levee holding back the Mississippi River and noticed a strange phenomenon: the river had reversed direction.

Reversed direction.

As in, the river used to flow into the sea, but now the sea is flowing into the river. As in the storm surge is coming. And I’m thinking, what the heck is this woman doing still standing on a levee?!!?

Unfortunately, not everybody can get out of New Orleans. All the flights have gone and there are no more rental cars. People who have no cars are basically stuck, and government officials are allowing them to stay, so long as they have the ability to “vertically evacuate” to a third or fourth story building should the storm surge become a problem.

New Orleans residents, characteristically, tied to their city with nothing to do but wait, have thrown hurricane parties.

Pray for New Orleans.

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