Proof that Fashion Designers Hate Women


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The Most Incredibly Brilliant Blog in the World

The most incredibly brilliant blog in the world belongs to Count Olaf. Don’t take my word for it; he said so.

So the good folks behind this December’s movie based on the Lemony Snicket book series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, are using a blog to help generate buzz around the movie. That seems pretty savvy, and the blog itself captures the over-the-top feel of the maniacally vain Count Olaf as he schemes after the fortune of the unfortunate Beaudelaire orphans.

The movie stars Jim Carrey as Count Olaf, which is a good bit of casting, even if he does seem to be channeling The Mask again. I doubt that Mr. Carrey is behind the blog, but the person who is is clearly knowledgable about the book series, making for an interesting (and regularly updated) read.

The rest of the Flash-heavy site offers the usual movie promotions, photos and downloads.

Canadians Win Ig Nobel

For theorizing that herring communicate through farts, Ben Wilson of the University of British Columbia and Lawrence Dill of Simon Fraser University in B.C., along with colleagues in other countries, were awarded top honours in the Biology category of the Nobel spoof prize.

For me, though, my favourite winner (for research that actually seems useful) was Jillian Clarke of Chicago, who investigated the “5 Second Rule” and found that germs stick to dropped food items far, far quicker.

The article itself seems to have brought out the silly side of the CBC. Witness their photo caption: “1992 study linking country music to suicide risk was before Shania Twain’s time.

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