Okay, It Was a Dumb Idea, and Now I'm Ticked.

I had always thought that the CBC’s Greatest Canadian show was a dumb idea. How can anybody, much less a television show, claim to put together a list that truly ranks who’s great in Canadian history? Comparing artists to politicians to scientists is more than comparing apples to oranges, it’s comparing rutabegas to big slabs of meat. But the CBC got its nominations, put out its top 50 show, and unveiled its top ten list.

Here it is, in alphabetical order:

Now, kudos to the CBC for some of their choices. I honestly hope that Terry Fox wins. But I am surprised that this list is all men. Placing Don Cherry above Maurice Richard is bad enough, but when I see that Mr. Cherry places above Nellie McClung, Lucy Maud Montgomery and Emily Carr, I think that somebody, somewhere has lost their mind. Certainly I’m left with the impression that Canadians don’t value the women of their history.

Heck, where’s Anne of Green Gables? Who says the greatest Canadian can’t be fictional? She’s certainly done a lot for our nation.

You see, this is the problem with making lists. They’re usually meaningless, and people often get ticked when they’re left off ot it.

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