Raincoast Books Rejects Rosemary and Time

This is actually not a surprise. Back in August, I had already written them off, so my list of eight rejecting publishing houses has not been increased. However, after one year, four months and nineteen days after first sending out my synopsis and sample chapters, Raincoast Books did get back to me to say ‘no’.

The rejection letter is pretty neutral, but they returned my synopsis, and they did write back after all this time. So I’ll take this as a positive sign. And Raincoast deserves credit for coming back with an answer. Finally.

Rosemary and Time is still in play with another publisher. No word yet on how it’s going.

In other writing news, I completed a draft of Sealwife and am now considering markets. Work on the :Trenchcoat Farewell Project: has stalled somewhat, but is still poised for completion.

Hey, Kwanza-Bot! How ya doin’?

Let the website speak for itself:

Actual, honest to god query letters I’ve received in Hollywood. Updated daily. And hey, if one of these is your query, have a sense of humor, will ya? You’re gonna need it in this town

And now a query:

“Santa’s son breaks racial, religious, and socio-economic stereotypes in this Holiday charmer. Christopher Claus must choose between his family’s legacy by accepting a pre-arranged marriage to the Halloween Witch’s daughter, or be disinherited by marrying the Tooth Fairy’s daughter, who is not a Holiday Person, for true love. Help comes his way via his two best pals, Hannukah Hal, a Jewish mensch, and Kenny Kwanzaa, an African-American prince.”

Go read here.

Link courtesy Joe Clifford Faust.

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