Tuesday, October 26

It’s been a pretty uneventful week. Busy but not much worth blogging about, but with one exception…

Sunday was our sixth anniversary. Hard to believe that six years ago, I was in Omaha saying my vows before Erin and our two incredible families. And at other times, it seems like Erin and I have been together forever. Being apart is unthinkable.

We did nothing special on the anniversary other than be together. A byproduct of being poor. But I feel rich, where it counts.

Good News in Afghanistan

Despite concerns about examples of possible fraud, Hamid Karzai’s main rival accepted the legitimacy of the wider Afghan presidential election when he conceded defeat. Afghanistan is still a country facing a lot of challenges, but the fact that they seem to have held an election that stands up to democratic standards is good news.

The U.N. is continuing to investigate the fraud allegations, but I have hopes that the assembly elections will go forward without major disruptions. Afghanistan has passed a significant test.

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