Is This the New Face of the Daleks?

Gold Dalek

Rumours persist that the Doctor’s greatest enemies, the Daleks, are about to get a redesign when the new show airs this coming spring. Now, some snapshots have slipped onto the web, and Doctor Who fans are abuzz (see the Register article and Outpost Gallifrey for more information).

The new design, pictured above, has not been officially confirmed, or officially denied, for that matter. However, if accurate, it looks like the show’s producers have opted for sticking with the classic Dalek design, and giving it more heft. They’ve added surface details and enhanced the tank-like feel. On the whole, it’s a good compromise, and it harkens back to the original 1960s designs, which were far superior to the prefabricated models of the 1970s.

Remember, though, that rumours suggest that the Daleks might be involved in a two-parter this season, with the first episode featuring a lone “classic” Dalek (the one pictured above?) facing down a heavily armed group of humans in a tense standoff, culminating in the release and unveiling of a new Dalek invasion force. The “classic” Dalek is said to have the ability to fly, and it’s possible that the unveiled force may alter the Dalek design significantly, offering specializations, and more and different armaments. Again, a wise compromise between tipping the hat at the old, and relaunching a series for a new audience used to the best in special effects.

Whatever the rumours, it’s all the same. I’m eager to wait and see.

The True Face of America

Purple America

Map courtesy Boing Boing Blog

Forget about all of the talk about blue states and red states. Forget even about the talk about blue and red counties. Forget Canada 2.0 and Jesusland. These are all attempts to isolate the other side and render them irrelevant. John Kerry may have received the most votes for any presidential challenger in history and Bush may have widened the gap in the electoral college, but America is not divided along lines that can be drawn. The people who see things differently pass you on the street every day. They are your neighbours. They are not your enemies. You live with them, whether you like it or not.

Wouldn’t it be better to like it?

Here’s the above map, further broken out by county, courtesy Robert J. Vanderbei:

Purple America

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