It Just Gets Worse for Lycos

It’s not enough that your childish anti-spam screensaver ended up having its attacks on spammers reversed, now Geek News Central writes that crackers have appropriated the popular screensaver in order to invade your computer.

Lycos Europe has, temporarily, perhaps, discontinued its controversial Make Love Not Spam screensaver; however, crackers have picked up on the antispam application’s popularity and are riding its coattails right onto your computer. Should you invite the crackers in, you’ll be installing a keylogging application that will track everything that you type at your keyboard.

The malware will arrive in an e-mail bearing the subject line of “Be the first to fight spam with Lycos screen saver”, and an attachment marked

The standard warnings apply. If you receive unsolicited attachments via e-mail, don’t download them and don’t activate them. Lycos’ Make Love Not Spam screensaver has been discontinued, and there is no reason anybody should be sending you a copy.

Trenchcoat Farewell Project

…is done. Just checking the master copy .pdf for serious mistakes (like illustrations sitting on top of text). Hope to take it to the printer this afternoon. Assuming I don’t fall asleep, first.

What’s On My Playlist II

I did this last year, but this meme is as good as any, especially now that Dave at Blogography has latched onto it.

The rules are simple: load up your mp3 player or whathaveyou, set it to random, and write down the first ten songs that play.

  1. Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes, Girl (I’m glad Tori tops the list. I think she’s the best and most versatile songwriter in my collection).
  2. Loreena McKennitt, The Visit, Tango to Evora (Did you know that, after seven years, Loreena is working on a new studio album? Her Celtic folk stuff is always a hit with me. And I like her renditions of the long poems like The Lady of Shalott and The Highwayman)
  3. Sinead Lohan, No Mermaid, Diving to be Deeper
  4. Kate Bush, The Red Shoes, The Song of Solomon
  5. Beyond the Pale, Live, Two Sisters (“I saw two sisters side-by-side…”) (Includes the first male voice to appear in this selection of ten).
  6. Michael Nyman, Piano Soundtrack, Deep into the Forest
  7. Norman Blake, O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack, I am a Man of Constant Sorrow
  8. Stanley Brothers, O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack, Angel Band (Brilliant movie. Brilliant songs)
  9. Tori Amos, Scarlet’s Walk, Wampum Prayer/Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas (These songs don’t officially come together, but Wampum Prayer is so short, and Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas is so good, I tend to play the two together when they appear randomly)
  10. Jorane, Vent Fou, Jure (If you like Tori, you really should give Jorane a test. Think Tori with French lyrics, and using cellos. There’s a lot of energy here. JurT is one of my favourites, and would be part of the soundtrack of Fathom Five, if it ever got made into a movie).
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