Trenchcoat Farewell Project at the Printers

Well, it’s been over twenty-four hours since I went to the printers with the :Trenchcoat Farewell Project:, and as I haven’t yet received a phone call telling me that their machine has blown up, I’m confident that things are going well, if slowly.

I went down to Office Depot with a CD-ROM containing three Adobe Acrobat .pdf files comprising the whole of the :Trenchcoat Farewell Project:. The three files together contain 864 pages and 350 Mb of data. To test, I had them run my mother’s Sherlock Holmes pastiche story, The Captive Sleuths, which had over 30 Mb of pencil-tone Sidney Paget-style graphics by the incomparable Martin Proctor. If anything was going to break the system, it would be this. Imagine my alarm when this is exactly what happened.

The copy centre professional, who was very calm and professional, eventually fixed the problem by rebooting the computer. In the meantime, I was calculating how much it would cost me to print 58 copies of an 864 page book ($1297, including taxes) and wondering aloud if they had any printers that could duplex for that price. He said to me that they did, but it would be unlikely that I would get more than 15 pages per minute out of such machines. How long would it take me to print 58 copies of an 864 page book at that speed? Almost 56 hours of continuous printing. So I stuck it out with the copy centre.

The first and only print-run of the Farewell Project will consume 25056 sheets of paper, not including mistakes. It will occupy six cartons of printer paper. I can’t think of how much it will weigh, although Dan has agreed to loan me the trunk of his Matrix to bring it home, and the bookbinders I’ve spoken to will do pickup and delivery.

So, it’s on its way. I should have the unbound copies back by Tuesday, to follow with bookbinding.

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