It's Here! It's Here!

This is one reason why my rate of posting has slowed to a crawl this December. Housework and preparations for Christmas are another reason. And this is a third. I have to remind myself to do some more work on this site this evening…

Anyway, the printers called yesterday afternoon. After forty-eight hours, fifty-eight copies of the :Trenchcoat Farewell Project: were now printed, and could I please come and pick them up? Dan valiantly fought threw a cold to drive me from the gym to the Waterloo Office Depot and then he kindly leant me his trunk space. Over 25,000 sheets of paper are now home.

The Office Depot guys gave me some crisp printing and everything has been collated. Here’s what it looks like:

Trenchcoat Farewell Project

The CD containing the Adobe Acrobat files containing the project. Note the art on the label. This is roughly how the CD version of the project will look like (likely price: $7 plus shipping).

Trenchcoat Farewell Project

The unbound fanzine that came from the CD.

Trenchcoat Farewell Project

Some of the pages on the inside.

Trenchcoat Farewell Project

What 432 sheets of paper look like.

Trenchcoat Farewell Project

The other 57 copies of the magazine.

What Happens Next?

I’m about to call Wallaceberg Bookbinding to ask them to pick up my boxes this Thursday. The books will be bound in burgandy buckram (library binding). The company has a two-week turnaround time, but they warn me that they’re shutting down for two weeks around Christmas. So, four weeks before the bound books come back.

Then it’s shipping and then it’s done.

If anybody reading this has preordered copies but hasn’t yet paid the balance of your order, now’s the time. I’ll be e-mailing you and snail-mailing you shortly. To anybody else: I have four unclaimed copies of this publication available for sale. If you want to add the Trenchcoat/Ninth Aspect fan fiction series to your collection and have $50 to part with, drop me an e-mail.

And now on to other things…

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