Starting Back

If all goes well, we should be on the road from Lincoln before 10 a.m. Central Time. Our plan is to head to Iowa City, take a break for the late afternoon, and do some evening driving to try and get a hotel in central Illinois — or possibly Indiana if we’re lucky. That should make the second day of travel feasible, getting us back in town in the evening.

Just in time for more guests to arrive the next day.

The holidays have been very good, very enjoyable. We especially appreciated the chance to do not very much these past two days. It was about the first time that we’ve not been running around for a while, and it’s good to cool our heels. Not that we’ve been completely idle, mind you. I’ve performed some edits on The Young City, I’ve done some preliminary work on a freelance article, and I’ve restarted work on The Night Girl. I hope to start posting revisions to Perpetua’s story in the near future.

I’ve brought a laptop along: a 1995 IBM Thinkpad (760CD) that my father bought for me for $60 at a trade show. The battery still holds a charge and, after much back and forthing with the company that distributes the reconditioned laptops and promises 100% customer satisfaction, a functional CD player and a floppy disk. (There’s a caveat on the CD player, but that’s for later discussions with the company).

There is some question over whether or not my laptop has a PCMCIA I or II slot. What it doesn’t have is built in wireless capacity. Buying a card for this slot has proven to be a fruitless experience. Future Shop was totally stumped, which was fun to watch, albeit disappointing.

However, sitting with a laptop on my knee, writing posts and seeing the promise of wireless access has sold me on the romantic notion of being a travelling writer. One of these days, I would like to be able to travel around, log into e-mail at various coffee shops, post to my blog, stay in touch, promote my books. I hope that this happens — even though I’m sure that when it does, reality won’t live up to the romance.

Anybody know of any wireless cards that can fit into PCMCIA I slots?

P.S. I’ve not been able to access my e-mail in Lincoln, possibly because of a small problem with the server. With luck, I will be back in communicado when I get back to Kitchener on the 29th.

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