Living on my Writing.

It’s been quite a week for my writing, I must say.

I’m pleased to announce my first major solo freelance commission. (My first professional byline, the history of Toronto’s subway, was co-authored by Ed Drass, and so was not solo). The article in question is on the other bright stars of Canada’s Technology Triangle and it has just been printed in the first issue of the Ontario edition of Business Edge. You can read an electronic version of this article here, and I’ll be adding a .pdf copy to my portfolio shortly.

Business Edge is a news magazine published bi-weekly out of Calgary, Alberta. In their words, they were founded in 2000 “by a team of journalists who saw a clear need for more in-depth, insightful coverage of Canada’s local business scenes”. The magazine has editions for Calgary/Red Deer, Edmonton and British Columbia. The first publication of their Ontario edition represents a bold move into the Greater Toronto Area. The Ontario edition editor, Bruce Winning, brought me and a number of other writers on board for fresh perspectives on the Ontario business scene. I’m keeping my eye out for stories from the Waterloo region.

This is an exciting opportunity for me and I’m thrilled to bits. Writing to the business style is proving to be a challenge, and it’s teaching me to distill my writing to the most relevant facts. It’s also instructive working for a professional editor, tracking down subjects to interview, and getting everything in under the deadline. Bruce has been remarkably patient with me, and I’m grateful.

You may have noticed a new look for the front page of my blog. That’s related to this news. I came up with the new splash page when one of my interview subjects mentioned that he Googled my name and came up with my blog. I figured I’d best put myself behind a page explaining who I am lest somebody come upon my science-fiction reviews and my political discussions out of context. I hope it also makes it clearer that what I’m posting here is part of a journal… an unedited and raw journal. My professional submissions are much more polished.

I’m thinking of pulling the white look to the other writing-oriented pages on my website, keeping the blue and khaki look for my blog. As always, any suggestions and comments you have would be most welcome.

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