Judy Sgro Vindicated (Well, Almost)

It is said that allegations are already half-way across the world by the time the truth leaves the starting blocks. A few months ago, the media and the blogosphere (myself included) were all over former Immigration Judy Sgro over allegations that she pawned immigration favours for political support. This forced her to resign while an investigation proceeded.

Now that key allegations have proved false, I thought I would do my part in raising awareness over the fact that Judy is clear of these charges. As Heart of the Matter comments, I think it’s important to make this note. We hear so many allegations against politicians, our cynicism is renown. But now that it’s been proven that one politician is cleaner than we thought, many won’t hear of it.

The story is not quite over. All that’s happened is one man who alleged improprieties has recanted. The investigation of another allegation still has to close, and Sgro is arguing that the mistake was the result of one of her office staff, not something she knowingly did. But Sgro took a big step forward towards vindication this week. We in the blogosphere and many in the media do love our scandals. Vindication is often boring.

Bravo, Ed

Courtesy of Tilting at Windmills comes a beacon of light in the dark pit that is Canadian parliamentary democracy these days. NDP MP Ed Broadbent has volunteered to sit out the coming vote of confidence against the Liberal government in order to allow a Conservative MP to return home for some much needed chemotherapy treatments.

“We’re not losing anything,” Broadbent told CP. “What we’re doing is failing to take advantage of a very sick MP.”

Apparently, Stephen Harper has accepted Ed’s offer, and I’m left to wonder why more parliamentarians can’t be like Ed.

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