Speed Bumps Ahead

There is a lot that I want to write about: a review of Howl’s Moving Castle as reimagined by Miyazaki, for instance. But that might have to wait a little bit. I have deadlines to consider, and they take priority.

One would think that commuting into Toronto to attend a conference would put more of a crimp on my style, but that’s not the case. The long drive into “work” gives me ample time to think up ideas for new blog posts, and the long breaks between seminars gives me some time to type them up — time enough for somebody who can type at eighty words per minute, anyway.

So, if I appear to go uncommunicative, that’s the reason why. If not, then ignore this post.

Book Tag Meme Gets Royal Assent

Well this is cool! Our Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, took some time to contact Macleans columnist Paul Wells with her response to the book tag meme that swept across the blogosphere, swamping even me in its wake.

Paul doesn’t appear to be making this up. But it’s not really a surprise to me that this meme was so popular — and now that I think of it, I can see Her Excellency participating. This was a meme about books, and books are Good Things (tm). Ms. Clarkson has been a tremendous supporter of literature and literacy, and it is just so cool that she’d extend that support to this positive meme from the blogosphere.

Whoever created this has a considerable feather in his or her cap, now.

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