Respect the Flag. Allow it to be Burnt.

You know, if I were an American politician, I would have no trouble voting against the proposed constitutional amendment to ban flag burnings. Why? Because all I would have to say is this:

“I find flag burning to be an empty, immature gesture, one that disrespects the fine men and women who have died to uphold the ideals that the flag represents. And I find the fact that we allow flag burnings to take place is a testament to the fact that our democracy is as good as we claim it to be. Why would we want to put that in dispute?”

That’s all I need to say. However, Dave at Blogography doesn’t stop there, and takes his politicians to task for their hypocrisies in focusing on this non-issue while ignoring the real problems Americans have to deal with.

Good News

Birds are becoming immune to the West Nile virus.

Less birds sick with West Nile mean less humans infected. I hope.


Others have already said it, but the United States celebrated their fourth of July with some interstellar fireworks.

Good work, NASA! Chalk one up for the good guys!

See also the official Deep Impact website (not the movie).

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