Love is Blindness

So, we’ve deported an American.

The poor fellow claimed that he had developed an Internet relationship with a Quebec resident and wanted to see her. Unfortunately, he was barred from entering Canada due to a previous robbery conviction. So, what does he do?

He decided to walk across the North Dakota-Manitoba border and make his way to Winnipeg, where he intended to board a bus to meet her.

Please note that the original report on the case is dated February 25 of this year. He tried to cross from North Dakota into Manitoba in the dead of winter.

The man was found by police on the golf course on Wednesday. Police say he had taken off his gloves, opened his jacket, and was babbling incoherently.

And then the kicker:

In March, he pleaded guilty in a Manitoba court to illegally entering Canada and carrying a prohibited weapon.

So, a man tried to sneak into Canada, carrying a weapon? He’s lucky that, if the hypothermia didn’t get him, he wasn’t shot.

“The weapon was pepper spray, with which he intended to fight off any animals he met along the way”

Ah. Like vultures and buzzards which, although I know they’re found in more southern climbs, probably started circling overhead about eight hours into his ordeal.

His Internet flame is a real person, though. And she’s been e-mailing reporters showing that his love is reciprocated and not the product of some delusional fantasy that one might think be the characteristic of someone trying to cross illegally into Manitoba in the dead of winter with a weapon.

To which I have to ask: why didn’t she head south?

Busy Week

I’ve had a lot of things to do which have kept me away from this blog. Another writing project for Business Edge is coming together and I’ve been cleaning up the house and preparing for Erin’s arrival. Unfortunately, this heat has sapped my strength and not everything has gotten done. Some days even the air conditioner isn’t proving to be wholly effective. Not pleasant.

But it’s worse for Erin, who now has a two pound heat generator in her belly.

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