William Poole Pleads Not Guilty

The William Poole case continues to unfold, and it has been covered effectively by Zero Intelligence

Pool has plead not-guilty and his public defender, Brian Barker, has filed to have the charges against him dismissed and have him released from prison. Poole was originally charged with second-degree felony terroristic threatening but this was reduced to a misdemeanor charge of criminal attempt to commit terroristic threatening.

Barker argues that an overt act must occur in order to be charged with criminal attempt. “Some sort of act or conduct is required to prove that a defendant is serious about carrying out his intentions,” Barker states in his motion. Barker claims that Poole was not indicted on any act or conduct, rather for an alleged statement he made.

“Apart from the legal arguments, the notion of an ‘attempt to threaten’ is an absurdity,” Barker writes. “As a practical matter, how does a person attempt to make a threat? The mere concept is nonsense.”

Barker filed a second dismissal motion claiming the statute is unconstitutionally vague. A third motion filed requests that Poole’s bond be reduced from the current $75,000 as this is an unreasonably high amount for a misdemeanor charge.

Sounds to me like the public defender is doing his job well.

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