Is it time for a Scottish DVD player?


Because my current DVD player isn’t Scottish. And as Mike Myers says, if it’s no’ Scottish, it’s CRRRAP!

I am on my third DVD player in about three years. My wallet hasn’t protested, much, since each of the three models were purchased for under $60. These days, you can walk into Shoppers’ Drug Mart, of all places, put down $30, and walk out with a DVD player in a box. I know DVDs that cost more.

However, the DVDs invariably skip, jump, pixelate, stumble, and generally make the viewing experience unbearable. This is especially true of the 20th Century Fox :Buffy: and :Angel: DVDs, which are about as Scottish as David Boreanaz’s Angelus accent is Irish. Their cases can’t even hold the DVDs in place worth a darn, probably increasing the number of scratches and nicks for my cheap DVD player to choke on.

After settling down for an evening of some classic fourth season :Buffy: (we watched New Man and the Faith two-parter), I got very frustrated when, about five minutes in, the DVD went on strike. As I was about to storm the player and yank out the DVD, an idea struck me: was the DVD at fault or the player?

Good thing I had another player: my on-loan Apple PowerBook (15 inch display, combo drive, 60 GB HDD and 512 Mb of RAM). So I turned off the TV, powered on the Powerbook, slipped in the DVD, and got over two hours of crisp, unskippable video. Even the quality of the picture was superior (although our television set hasn’t failed us yet).

So, although 20th Century Fox makes cheap CD box sets that are worth ridiculing, their DVDs will play in a decent DVD player — to whit, a laptop computer. Why won’t they play for my television set?

Mitsubishi DVD Player

Clearly, the time has come for a better DVD player, but which one? Does paying more guarantee a better experience? What in particular am I looking for? X-seconds of forward scanning, or multiple redundant lasers, with a gyration compensator and an attachable burner that makes toast? What should I pay for a decent DVD player? $50? $100? $200?

Alternately, since I intend to buy myself my own laptop sooner rather than later, maybe I should just get used to hooking up my laptop to my TV…

So, you think you’re a good typist, eh?

Then how about trying your fingers out on our new BLANK KEYBOARD! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (hat tip to Geek News Central)

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