Face Off! (Literally!)


When Schick one-uped Gillette’s Mach 3 with its four-bladed razor, Dan and I predicted that it was only a matter of time before Gillette fired back in the arms race — or is that the whiskers race?

Turns out, (courtesy Boing Boing) that The Onion made this same prediction. And, one year after the fact, that prediction has come true:

Gillette has announced a five-blade razor, a move predicted over a year ago in a parodical article in The Onion. Here’s the MSNBC coverage:

Gillette ups the ante, unveils 5-blade razor. Fusion is market leader’s answer to rival Schick’s 4-blade Quattro

Okay, prediction time: how long will it be before Schick responds with a six blade razor, and what will it be called? Diablo? Armaggedon?

In terms of predicting the future, though, looks like MAD’s got us all beat.

DVD Junk Mail

Rogers Cable wins a prize for neatest bit of junk mail in some time. Erin and I were sorting through our mail when a DVD dropped into our lap. It was a professionally done DVD in a cardboard container featuring the first episode of the HBO series Rome, entitled The Stolen Eagle. The cardboard case describes the series and points you to a special showing of the first three episodes on The Movie Network on Friday, September 16 at 8 p.m.

I must say, as promotions go, that’s quite a freebie. I wouldn’t say no to more of the same.

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