The Seven Year Itch

As of today, Erin and I have been married all of seven years.

And ironically, I know that I’m about to fall madly in love with another woman.

Vivian’s due date is still this Saturday.

Hurricane Carolyn?

Soon to be ex-MP Carolyn Parrish is simply Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion minus forty years. Discuss.

According to, Ms. Parrish is leaving federal politics to run for a seat on Mississauga council, obviously eyeing the mayor’s job once Ms. McCallion shuffles off this mortal coil (which could be as much as ten years from now, barring cybernetic conversion; which may well have happened already, who knows?).

I have to admit, the fit is so good, it’s frightening.

Dingwall Dish Pizza

Driving back from the gym, Dan and I are listening to a report on CBC Radio about the David Dingwall affair. Dan, a committed Liberal, says to me:

Dan: What kind of an idiot expenses gum? Really? What kind?
Me: Yeah, it’s pretty stupid, all right.
Dan: I’m sorry, that’s just unacceptable!
Me: What about that other Liberal MP, what was his name? Spent $113 on a pizza?
Dan: Joe Fontana, I think? I hear the Conservatives backed off on him because three of their members went to the same restaurant and expensed a bill of $130 or so.
Me: Really?
Dan: That’s what I heard.
Me: What on Earth goes on a $113 pizza? Cheeze from Himalayan goats? Caviar anchovies? Organic grain-fed olives? What?
Dan: Must be a really good pizza.
Me: Must be.
Dan: I’m actually sort of interested in trying it out.
Me: Yeah, just to see how good it is.
Dan: Yeah.
Me: Hungry?
Dan: Yeah.
Me: Let’s eat.

Congratulations to Section 15

…on the birth of his bouncing baby boy!

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