Mother Earth


We shelled out to around 85 small children this evening. To help celebrate, Erin had herself painted up as Mother Earth.

No news on the pregnancy front. We’re still relatively happy, and the baby seems ready to come out on her own time. Looks like those who predicted a November 1st delivery (myself included) aren’t going to win the pool.


The finished product really turned some heads.

Rate My Posts

Sharp-eyed readers among you will have noticed that I’ve installed the MT Plugin RateIt on my template. As my archives get larger and larger (now over 1200 posts), this offers up a means for you to pick what you believe are my better posts, pulling them out from obscurity in the back of the pack.

RateIt was dead easy to install and appears to be working very well. So there’s no reason that any Movable Type blog shouldn’t have this.

Feel free to rate away!

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