Actually, Uncle Lars Won the Baby Pool

Blogging is going to be a little slow for a little while. Little to report. Baby and mother continue to do well, and Erin and Vivian should be home this Saturday. We’re also taking the first few steps in breastfeeding. It’s a remarkably frustrating process, but we’re seeing progress, and it’s clear that the reward will be worth it.

Don’t particularly care what’s going on in the outside world at the moment. No storms upon us, I hope. Everything should be where we left it the next time we poke our heads up… we hope.

I have an addendum to the last post. Turns out my brother-in-law, Lars Ewell, is the true winner of the baby pool. He didn’t enter the comments section of the blog, but he has an e-mail in my mother-in-law’s mailbox, correctly datestamped with the following:

Subject: Re: Greetings from Kitchener
From: “Lars Ewell”
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 22:54:35 -0700 To: “Rosemarie O’Connor”


Thanks for the update.

I’m really looking forward to Viv’s birth, as I’m sure you are also. Good luck with everything.

Would you like to join the pool? (Date, time and
weight.) It’s for fun—no bucks involved. Tomorrow is

Sure. I’ll choose 11/2/05 at 13:00

That’s significantly closer than Therese’s guess of November 3rd at 4 p.m., although Lars didn’t try to guess the weight, so Teri’s victory there stands.

Congrats, Lars! I hope you get a chance to meet Vivian soon!

More Shameless Baby Photos

I used to think that new parents were somewhat silly, snapping all of those photographs of their newborn babies and splashing them around the world.

I don’t think that anymore.


Budding Trek fan Vivian greets her father with a “live long and prosper.”


Grandmother Rosemarie is similarly smitten.


Mother and child.


And child.

Many thanks to all of the kind words and well wishes, by e-mail, by comment and throughout the blogosphere. It really is greatly appreciated.

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