Remembrance IV


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My local newspaper, the Record was kind enough to ask for, and then publish, a 100-words-or-less paragraph commemorating our veterans for Remembrance Day. Put somewhat on the spot, this is what I came up with:

What can I say about our veterans without sounding trite? Our parents and grandparents sacrificed so much so that we wouldn’t have to. The only proper response is eternal gratitude.

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Family Life

It was a good move on my part to take a couple of weeks off work to be with Erin to help look after Vivian. If nothing else, being able to sleep in has allowed me to survive the night feedings. If I had to report to work at 8:30, I’d be a wreck. Though I must say that Erin has it worse than I do. I help out by changing the diaper and by soothing the baby, but she has to spend X-minutes doing the feeding, so she’s more tired than I am. New parents: my respect for you has gone through the roof.

I’m also extremely grateful that my mother-in-law is here, neatly hiving off the work required to keep this place clean and tidy while Erin and I keep Vivian neat and tidy. She’s even done some home renovations, which has turned our home office/unkempt bedroom into a wonderful home office/family room/master bedroom.

I should also mention the great support my own parents have given from my father helping my mother-in-law to paint the family room and my mother supplying a white-noise machine to help the baby sleep. The white-noise machine is a calming influence, for us if not for Vivian. The heartbeat setting also seems to help Vivian, even though it reminds Erin of the sound of his telltale heart.

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