God is a Comedy Writer

Maybe the key to surviving this world is to realize we’re in some black comedy and to laugh at it. Some things are easier to laugh at than others:

Activists cry foul over killing of domino-spilling sparrow

Animal rights activists in the Netherlands want charges laid in the shooting of a rare sparrow that knocked over 23,000 dominoes as a TV company was setting up for a world-record attempt.

The sparrow, which is on the national endangered list, had flown into an exposition centre on Monday in the northern city of Leeuwarden. After knocking over the dominoes, it was chased into a corner and shot by an exterminator with an air rifle.

Now, I can understand the frustration of the domino layers that would lead them to shoot a sparrow that set back a world record attempt by 23,000 carefully laid dominoes. I’m frankly surprised the bird didn’t spontaneously combust. But how does one get ahold of an air rifle that fast? Are they just lying around in the Netherlands? Did somebody frantically shout “Is there an exterminator in the audience?”

The subsequent intervention by the animal rights activists is just icing on the cake. It’s like what a comedian once said about the scenario where Fabio, on a roller coaster, gets hit in the face by a goose. Just put Fabio, roller coaster and goose in the same sentence and you know you’ve got material for a joke, and here we have God or the Fates just handing us that material.

I guess it gets boring weaving all of those threads in a straight line.

(Edited to add): Yup. Dave has provided more proof that God is a comedy writer.


Blogging Award Reminders

The first round of nominations to the Canadian Blogging Awards closes this Sunday, with first round voting from the 24th to the 30th. If you have a blog you’d like to nominate, head on over now and help make this competition as wide-open as possible. The nomination list is huge this year, so it promises to be an interesting battle. Second round voting takes place between December 3rd and the 9th, with the final winners announced on December 11.

I have already been nominated in a number of categories, including Best Blog and Best Culture Blog. It’s interesting (and pleasing) that I’ve not been placed either in the Liberal or Conservative blogging categories; maybe I’m more non-partisan than I think? My Conservative Critique has been nominated for best blog series with Same Sex Marriage being nominated for Best Blog Post. Thanks to those of you who nominated me. I am quite honoured.

Robert also notes that the worldwide 2005 Weblog Awards is also accepting nominations. To nominate candidates in the Best Canadian Blog category, simply visit the post and leave a comment saying who you think deserves nomination; don’t forget to include their URL and the RSS feed. You will need a TypeKey account to nominate, although anybody can vote. Nominations close November 26, with voting commencing December 1st.

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