Travel Daze

Whenever I tune into Dave’s Blogography, I never have to wait long until I hear another travel horror story. The poor guy seems to attract these things like magnets. Mind you, he travels by plane more each year than we do in five, so more opportunities exist for Dave to encounter things to blog about.

Normally, Erin and I would travel to Lincoln, Nebraska by a rented automobile. It costs less than an airline ticket, even considering hotel stays, and though it takes us two days to get to Lincoln instead of one, there’s much less aggravation. But that was before Vivian was born. Rather than stop every two hours to feed the girl, we decided that a plane trip was a better option. My parents kindly consented to take us across the border to Detroit’s Airport, and my father-in-law kindly consented to drive us from Kansas City to Lincoln.

Erin remembers when she went through nine countries with a single daypack. Today was a fair amount more… cumbersome. At least we were able to check our carseat and three suitcases at the curb. Even so, it was a hard slog through Detroit Metro Airport carrying assorted baby luggage and carry-ons.

We’d tried Detroit because Southwest advertised a Detroit to Kansas City flight without changing planes. Well, we didn’t change planes, but we did make a scheduled landing in Chicago’s Midway airport. We didn’t have to leave the plane, but we were still ticked. And Southwest Airlines should rename itself Sardine Airlines. A broad-shouldered man like me spent both flights mostly hunched forward to keep from brushing against Erin and the poor unfortunate soul that sat on the other side of me.

Detroit Airport was a sprawling mass. The road network wasn’t as complicated as Pearson, but it was still a three mile drive from the highway, through airport lands, in order to get to our terminal, and a fair amount of walking to get to the gate. Kansas City has an interesting terminal. There was a fair amount of walking in order to get to our baggage claim area, but it was a cozier environment, with earth tones instead of concrete, and a floor that was studded with constellations and other art installations. Quite a welcoming way to take in visitors to the city. Almost a shame that instead of heading into the city, we instead headed north. :-)

The trip from Kitchener to Detroit was mostly uneventful. The border guard practically cooed over Vivian from her booth. We tried to skirt Detroit to the north and the west, and were treated to some busy four-lane highways and a pick-up truck losing its trailer door at 70 mph (we had to swerve around it as it skidded to the side of the road). The plane trip was also uneventful (the best kind of trip) and the drive from Kansas City to Lincoln was… you guessed it, uneventful. We’re really happy to be in Lincoln, now, with Erin’s father and Judy. Vivian is nursing, and we’re looking forward to hitting the sack.

Internet access is going to be somewhat sporadic, so expect lighter blogging than usual.

(Update: It’s Friday morning. Vivian didn’t get much sleep on the plane, and we had to stop en route to Lincoln to feed her. I don’t know if this explains why she was able to sleep from 1 to 5 through the morning, but I must say that Erin and I really appreciated the extra sleep. Coffee in a friendly house tastes better when you’ve slept well)

(Forgot our camera. Shoot.)

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