Proud Parenthood Moments


Vivian figured out how to roll over today, and we have the video evidence to prove it!

This is actually the third time she rolled over onto her back. The first time caught us by surprise, and the second time was done without a camera to make sure she could actually do it. Then we shot this film for the grandparents. And since I’m a shameless new father, I’m posting it here.

Erin’s first two weeks back at work have gone very well. Vivian has started sleeping through the night, and she manages to cope with feedings at 7, noon and 5 without too much crabbiness. Vivian has also been very kind to me, and I’ve been surprised at the amount of work I’ve managed to get done. Even if the house is a bit of a disaster.

We had a snow day today, thanks to the threat of freezing rain. So Erin stayed at home and worked at her job on this computer. Vivian enjoyed herself, and we appreciated the break in the routine.

I’ll be heading into Toronto this Saturday to see author Kenneth Oppel read at the Richview library in Toronto. I’m going to be taking a few such field trips to see how the professionals read before planning out my own reading set for The Unwritten Girl. I’ve managed to get some good revision work done on Fathom Five as well, but I’ll save the news on this front for later.

For now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to see what else my little daughter can do…

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