Quick Hits - February 17

Ghost of a Flea links to this interesting article about the top ten best science-fiction movies never made. Imagine watching these while the best prime minister we never had was in charge.

I disagree with the man’s assessment of HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Sure, it was a shadow of Douglas Adams’ prime, but I felt it was quite enjoyable and very respectful of the late author’s memory.

But his take on the Star Wars prequels are dead-on. What’s sad is that we went into these with so much hope. Well, I abandoned hope before Star Wars II came on screen, but some people held out until the very end of three. Damn you, Lucas, for playing with our hopes and dreams!

It’s interesting, reading through the material available on the Waterloo Wellington Bloggers Association website, I feel much more informed about the goings-on here at home than I used to be.

It’s official. I may be a Waterloo-Wellington blogger, but my head is too much in the clouds of Canada.

New recruits to this association, by the way, are still welcome, and always will be welcome

And, maybe if I repeat this every three months or so, somebody in charge at Queen’s Park will actually perk up and do something.

So, as we’ve long known, Toronto produces a lot of garbage and ships it in trucks to landfills in Michigan, at considerable cost to taxpayers. Worse, Michigan has aspirations of being something other than a repository for trash, and may soon ban imports of the stuff. The province is bringing forward a contingency plan that involves piling the stuff throughout southwestern Ontario, but the plain fact is, there’s nowhere else to put it.

And, so, as we’ve long known, Ontario is facing a power crunch. Conservation is simply not going to cut it, and the projects McGuinty is putting on the table won’t make much of a dent in supplying demand, especially if he continues with his plan to close down the air-choking coal-fired power plants by 2009.

Let’s sum up: Toronto has lots of trash, and is spending lots of money trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Ontario has very little power generation, and is spending lots of money trying to create more of it.

(taps foot)

Guys, do I have to connect the dots for you? Do I?

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