New Father's Moment

Vivian is four months old today! And next Monday marks my first full month as a stay-at-home Dad. Thus far, it’s been going well.

It’s interesting how quickly we’ve settled into a routine. I watch Vivian through the morning, keeping an eye on TVO Kids and working a bit on my websites and my writing. Then, around eleven, I pack Vivian up, open the garage, get into our car and head over to the University of Waterloo for Vivian’s lunch date with her mother. I spend an hour having lunch and coffee, and then I return to the University, pick up Vivian, run a few errands, drive back home, stop by a Tim Horton’s drive through for another coffee, put the car back into the garage and take Vivian inside for the afternoon play.

Yesterday I realized just how much of a routine this has become when, driving home, I realized that I was going to have to head out and run a few errands later in the day and so parked the car in the driveway instead of in the garage. I took Vivian inside, set myself up to do my afternoon’s work, and then realized that I’d left my cup of Tim Horton’s coffee in the car. So, making sure that Vivian was safely squared away, I headed out of the house, rounded the drive way, opened the garage door, and stood for a moment wondering where my car is.

(Hint: It’s standing right behind you!)

When these things happen to my father, he calls it a “senior’s moment”. What’s my excuse?

Don’t forget that Erin and I will be reading, alongside a number of former contributors to What If? Magazine tonight at 7 p.m. in Guelph’s Chapters. You can find the details at The Unwritten Girl’s website. The Kitchener reading originally scheduled for tomorrow morning has been rescheduled. As soon as a new date and time are set, I’ll let you know.

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