Interview with The Publishing Spot

Aspiring writers should check out The Publishing Spot, a blog operated by Jason Boog that focuses on writing, getting published, and the legal aspects of fan fiction. Jason posts regularly and writes well, but his willingness to focus on fan fiction makes The Publishing Spot different from your average blog about writing.

Jason was kind enough to interview me about The Unwritten Girl and also about my fan fiction history. Part one of the interview is here and part two can be found here. I’m flattered by his glowing praise, though I fear he exaggerates my accomplishments somewhat. My site isn’t a “a community center for Doctor Who fans”, and my contribution to the Harry Potter fan fiction realm is small compared to what’s available, though I do have a number of good friends and loyal readers who have come in through my fannish involvements (waves to Imogen and Natasha!).

Jason asks some great questions, allowing me to wax poetic about Doctor Who, and I am honoured to have a place beside authors Charlie Huston, Jeff VanderMeer, Steve Huff and others. You should pay attention to this site, as it promises to be an interesting mix of advice, and news on the goings on at the fringes of literature.

Thanks to Jason for featuring me on his site.

Speaking of promotions, Robert McClelland was kind enough to point me in the direction of J.A. Konrath, the author of a series of comedy-horror-crime novels. Jack himself has had experience in promoting his novels from the trenches, and he has some excellent advice for aspiring authors to help them write and promote their works (the promotion angle starts here). I’ve even followed through on a few of his suggestions. Business cards arrived yesterday. Now I just have to figure out how to get these in the hands of as many potential readers as possible. :-)

Mr. Konrath also has a blog.

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