Just Wing It, Baby!

Okay, I have got to give incredible props to Guy Goma, a business school graduate from the Congo and a prospective IT worker who showed up at the BBC for a job interview, and ended up getting mistaken for Guy Kewney, a British expert on technology. When you go into a room and suddenly realize that you are on the air, being asked about the Apple Computer versus Apple Music trademark dispute, what do you do?

Do you?

a) Run.
b) Struggle to get a word in edgewise explaining the announcer’s mistake.
c) Wing it, baby! Wing it!

Hey, he gave honest answers to all the questions posed to him, and let the hilarious fall-out land where it may. It was a bit funnier when the competing news agencies reported that he was a cabbie (although one wonders about the thinking that went on behind that mistake), but the look on his face when he realizes what was happening is just a joy to behold. And you really do have to appreciate his ability to run with this situation, and not panic.

Thanks to the Unofficial Apple Weblog for this link, and congratulations to Mr. Goma for his catapult to celebrity.

_Update Nov 4, 2007: Contrary to the rumour Cameron mentions at the end of the comments, Guy Goma is still in the UK, having resolved his Visa problems a few years beforehand. I don’t know if he’s found his IT job, but he has become a minor celebrity. Good on you, Guy!


Paying for Extra Style

Speaking of Apple Computers, they released their new MacBook today, their Intel replacement of their low-end iBooks. I have to admit that I’m salivating over their new black model. It will make an excellent replacement to Erin’s seven-year-old iMac. But compare the prices and the specifications for a second.

First of all, I’m pleased that the low, low-end model is about the same price I paid for my 12 inch iBook. For the same amount of money, I can get a faster processor, a larger hard drive, a bigger screen; that’s all good. But compare the higher-end “white” model with the higher-end “black” model. Other than an 80 Gb hard drive instead of a 60 Gb hard drive, the specs for the black model are the same as the high-end white, but it’s $200 higher (in Canadian dollars). Now, if you select the high-end white and upgrade to the 80 Gb drive, you add just $60 to your price.

Unless there are other differences in the specs that I’m missing, a quick calculation tells me that you’re paying $140 CDN for a spiffy black exterior. Which is a neat thing, but I’m not sure if it’s $140 more neat.

Ah, well. Apple’s laptops still rock.

Link again courtesy the unofficial Apple weblog.

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