The Lazy Hazy Days of... May?!

Is it my imagination, or has everybody left for cottage country and stayed there all this week?

Maybe I’m overstating it, but here in Kitchener I’m noticing that traffic today is much lighter than usual, and I’m going through the stores without meeting the usual crowds at the check-out lines. The pace seems much slower and more relaxed. It would actually be a nice feeling, except that it feels like it’s come too early.

Dare I wonder at the pace of life up Muskoka way at the moment?

Over here, the pace of this blog might slow down a bit. I’m prepping for what I will say when I hold the Unwritten Girl launch this Saturday. The butterflies are already in the stomach. I’ve called Words Worth Books and made sure that all is ready from their end. Tomorrow, I’ll check in with the library.

I’m also working on revisions to Fathom Five. A few people have had a look at a draft and made a number of sage suggestions that I’m working on implementing. The story is almost in submittable shape, but there is still some distance still to go.

Interesting Tidbits

  • They’re making an animated film of the supremely creepy Neil Gaiman children’s novel Coraline. Teri Hatcher has a dual role as Coraline’s mother. Coraline herself will be voiced by Dakota Fanning, which is good casting, and a sign that this will be a pretty serious adaptation. I hope they’re able to capture the eerieness of the thing.
  • The National Post has posted a full retraction to its erroneous front page story about Iran requiring its minorities to wear clothing to identify them as minorities. The retraction ran on page A2, which is a fair step to make when you’ve made a mistake that serious. Antonia’s link comes courtesy Crawl Across the Ocean.
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