First Steps

Vivian hasn’t quite learned to crawl, yet, but she gets around, doing a shove and pull which requires her to drag her stomach across the carpet. She doesn’t seem to be worried about rug burn.

But it’s possible that Vivian could skip crawling entirely and figure out this walking thing instead. She’s half way to standing without assistance, and we have the videos to prove it. (click on the stills).


Here we see Vivian standing on her own two feet, supported by a table and my ready arms…


Here, Vivian takes a few steps towards the camera. She’s still figuring it out, but she’s getting the concept!


Here’s a close-up of Vivian’s feet!

Posting here might be getting a little sporadic over the next couple of weeks. We have a number of things to prepare for as we plan our trip to head down to Des Moines, Omaha and Lincoln to mark the first anniversary of Wendy’s death. It will be a hard time, but at least we will be surrounded by family.

In the interim, there’s an assignment that I’m working on for Business Edge, considering Canadian opportunities in Dubai. That should be interesting to research. I have also sent the first four chapters and the synopsis for Fathom Five, the sequel to The Unwritten Girl. I know my publisher can make no promises, but I have my fingers crossed. I’m currently bashing the remaining chapters into submittable shape, and I think things are coming together.

A Welcome Return

A libertarian-leaning Bush-supporting Republican he may be, but I’ve always respected James DiBenedetto’s passionate take on things. He and I had a number of pretty solid debates on his space and mine. Unfortunately, earlier this year, his blog, Eleven Day Empire, sputtered to a halt. There had been problems with his Movable Type installation which I think contributed to his hiatus, so it was sad to see his voice extinguished.

However, I spent a fair chunk of today resolving some of those technical issues, and he now has a fresh installation of Movable Type on his server. In honour of that, he now has a fresh blog. So I invite you all to pay a visit to the upgraded Thirteen Day Republic, and tell them I sent you.

My father has also started a blog. He tells the story about how, now that I’m published, as is Erin and my mother, people are always asking him, when’s his book out? This blog might be a good first step. Among its features will be reviews of various restaurants my father has tried. A restaurant review or a travelog, or a cookbook would be, honestly, a good project for my father, who is very passionate about food. If you like food, you should pay attention to my father’s blog.

(Update: Thursday, 9:29 a.m.): My father wants me to note that he too is published, and that his books are available on the Toronto Public Library system. Here’s a list. Also his article, The Public Library Movement in 19th Century Ontario, published in the Ontario Library Review, is still on the reading list at the Faculty of Library and Information Sciences at the University of Toronto.

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