Getting Noticed

A couple of my readers have pointed out that my post on the Head Tax apology and redress made the Toronto Sun’s Best of Blogs for Friday, June 23. This honour is totally unexpected, but appreciated. If any Toronto Sun readers are reading me for the first time thanks to the article, welcome. You can find a variety of interesting thoughts, left, right and centre, at the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians.

And speaking of getting noticed, I received this interesting e-mail, out of the blue, from Hill and Knowlton’s Brendan Hodgson, who appear to be working on a campaign for Kokanee beer.

Your recent comments on Canadian coffee (among other blog posts) indicate that you have strong feelings about anything culture and Canadian, so we thought you might get a kick out of what we’re sharing with other select Canadian bloggers.

We’ve been asked by Kokanee to help highlight to Canadians what it is that makes a ‘real’ mountain beer, and what others in the beer industry only claim to be ‘real’. We’re basically trying to set the record straight, and let Canadians know they’re being misled about something that many take seriously: beer.

We’re inviting a few folks to take a sneak peak at a web site Kokanee will be launching in the next day or so. If you’re inclined, feel free to share this with your readers, and to rip the photos and images. You can check it out at

We’d also like to provide you with news about some of the exclusive events coming up in your region. Let us know if you want to be on our list.

We’re excited about being able to talk directly to Canadians, so don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.

Clicking on the link takes me to a fairly clever advertising campaign. As a Torontonian, I wondered if I should be slightly insulted at the shots the campaign takes at Etobicoke, but I lightened up when I realized two things:

  1. The shots are pretty well earned, if you intend to compare the Greater Toronto Area with the wilds of British Columbia. After all, here’s a news flash: Temagami is a less stressful place to be than Scarborough.
  2. It shots are really aimed at Coors Light, who are being somewhat cheeky at advertising a “Rocky Mountain” brew while brewing it beside one of the busiest interchanges in all of North America. And Kokanee makes its witty best of this fact.

So, as I said, I lightened up.

I’m not much of a beer drinker, and the beer I drink are local specialty brands. I’ve never had a Kokanee, but it’s likely something I’d try over your typical Molson’s (who own the brewery that Coors is using to brew Coor’s Light in Canada). Beyond that, I couldn’t tell you whether Kokanee is a good beer or not. However, I can say that is a neat website, with maps, photographs, and postcards you can send to friends. A good job by the folks at Hill and Knowlton.

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