In Praise of Geekery

There are some people who have way too much time on their hands. Who have access to video editing equipment and the skills to use it. Who have the sort of sense of humour to combine audio and visual in any number of silly ways.

And we thank God for those people.

Have a look at this link, courtesy Cameron Dixon, who I hope keeps on blogging!

Writing Update

My latest article for Business Edge, is in print and online. This one is one of my favourites; it discusses the growing trend through southern Ontario of small towns turning to post secondary education institutions to help revitalize their downtown cores.

The best example of this is Brantford, which has been the home of a satellite campus of Wilfrid Laurier university since 1999, and the transformation in the intervening years has been amazing. Dan and I drove through Brantford in the mid 1990s, and portions of its downtown looked bombed out. When I drove to Brantford this past March to interview the Mayor, the downtown had been cleaned up. Abandoned buildings were now in use, and people were walking about.

In conducting these interviews, I tend to prefer e-mail. It allows myself and my interviewee to ask and answer the questions on our own schedules, and it saves me the task of transcribing. But my interview with the mayor highlights the strengths of talking to someone face-to-face. I doubt that we could get this candid quote by e-mail:

You couldn’t give away property in our core. We know; we tried that. We even tried paying developers to take over property. The interest wasn’t there.”

That was pure gold. It really set up the article, and really illustrated how far Brantford has come, since.

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