The Long Walk of Ernie Kosanyi

Ernie Kosanyi wishes to join the 48th Highlanders, and has passed all of the tests, but has been medically disqualified because he uses an inhaler to deal with what he terms a mild asthma condition.

Well, Ernie wasn’t going to take the disqualification sitting down. Instead, he resolved to walk to the recruiting office, without using his inhaler, to prove his medical fitness.

Ernie lives in Oshawa, incidentally. The recruiting office is in Ottawa. That’ll show ‘em!

Ernie recently received word that he had passed all the tests but was disqualified because he uses an inhaler for his asthma. But after working so hard for 8 months he just couldn’t give up without one last try so he decided to walk from his home in Oshawa to Ottawa to prove to the recruiting office and to himself that he’s fit for duty. He’s hopeful he can convince the recruiting office to reconsider the decision about the medical disqualification if he can complete the walk to Ottawa without the use of his inhaler. (link)

And Ernie himself says:

I know. I’m fracking crazy.

But inspiring. Check out Ernie Goes to Ottawa (the latest person to join the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians) to see how Ernie fares. He’s currently in Tweed.

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