Day 5: Changing Back to 1and1 Webhosting

Progress, at last.

I had hoped to move to the Canadian webhost which currently manage my .ca domain names. Unfortunately, though they made good noises, and had instructions on how to install Movable Type on their servers, they choked on Movable Type 3.3. The technical support I received left a lot to be desired and I was simply at my limit. I wasn't willing to invest any more time coddling a new webhost that wasn't interested in my business.

So I am back at 1 and 1, and I've just created spaces for the various domains, and changed the DNS settings at my current registrars. Yes, these are the guys I left back in June for cheaper digs. For their price, and slightly slow servers, they are still reliable, and I know that it can handle Movable Type. I'm sure there is a lesson to be learned, here, but I'll save the fables and their morals for later.

People are already leaving comments here and on Political Staples, so people are already seeing these changes. I'm not, which is the weirdness of the Internet, but I'm pleased to see that I am making progress at last. I just need to grab the files and the databases from the webhost that shut me down on Friday, and we'll be 99% back to normal.

Many thanks to those who have written and expressed their sympathies, or asked "where is one of my favourite sites on the web?" (usually referring to Transit Toronto). It's a frustrating reminder that I'm no longer serving the people I'm supposed to be serving, but it is a flattering reminder that my work is being read by people, and it encourages me to get this situation resolved as soon as possible.

P.S.: My father asked me: "Why did you ever leave Golden Triangle on Line, your first host? They were local".

Well, my response is, there is a difference between a webhost and an Internet Service
Provider. Golden is an Internet Service Provider. It offers me a way onto the Internet. Its ability to house pages on the Internet is limited, compared to a full-fledged webhost like 1and1 Webhosting. At the time that I left Golden, it only offered a few Mb worth of storage. And, at the time I left, I was looking for a broadband service, which Rogers had, and Golden hadn't.

I need a place to store a Gigabyte of data and serve 30 Gb of bandwidth a month, at least, and Golden didn't offer that. So, my Internet Service Provider is actually Rogers, but even they don't host my websites. They don't offer me nearly enough space.

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