What the Founding Fathers Were Thinking


“So, here we are in the middle of Flamborough Township, near the village of Dundas,” said Jacob, rubbing the sawdust from his hands. “We have a nice little settlement here: a few farmhouses, nicely tilled fields, a land of plenty. Just one last thing we have to decide: what do we call it?”

“Well, Jacob, sir,” said Issac. “I’ve been reading the good book—”

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte?” asked Jacob.

“No, sir, the other good book?” said Issac “You know, the one with Adam and Eve and the floods and the pillers of salt and God raining destruction down on all mankind? It never fails to provide good names for new settlements.”

“Yeah, he’s right,” said Goodhand. “Like Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!”

“Or Palestine, Texas!”

“Or Jericho, Alabama!”

Manassa, Colorado!”

Lebanon, Illinois!”

“And how about King of Prussia, Pennsylvania!” said little Erb.

Everybody stared at him. He turned red and hid in a corner.

“Well, that sounds like a good plan,” said Jacob. “So, what do we do? Choose one of those, or find one in the Bible that hasn’t been used?”

“Well, I don’t know about you,” said Issac, “But I want to be distinctive. That’s why I found a great one. Not many towns seem to have picked it. Let’s call the settlement Sodom.”

“Sodom!” said Goodhand. “That’s a great idea!”

“The name gets mentioned a lot in the early chapters,” said Issac. “Must be important. So let’s go with that.”

“Perfect,” said Jacob. “What better name to pick than something from the Bible that speaks to man’s love for his fellow man?”

The new townspeople cheer, now that they have picked an auspicious name from the Bible. After much feasting and carousing, Jacob and Issac stumble home.

“So,” said Issac, “Do you think if we suggest that the next settlement over is called Gomorrah, they’ll go for it?”

“We can but ask!” said Jacob.

Other Pictures Taken that August Day


Sunset on Highway 8.


Another sunset shot.

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Transit Toronto Slowing Down this Blog

Posting has been slow here, as I’ve been busy with Vivian, and working on some new pages for Transit Toronto. This may be a bit too technical for many of you, but I enjoyed putting up pages submitted by Jeffrey Kay on the history of bus services along Finch Avenue. My contribution was the maps you see in three of the pages. These take some time to do, and would be impossible, if I didn’t have Google Maps to act as my template.

If you are interested, the new pages are as follows:

I’m not quite done, yet. I have a lengthy history of the 39 Finch East bus to finish, along with the 308 Finch East Blue Night service.

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