Stop the Presses! Vivian Walks!


Truth to tell, Vivian probably could have walked at any time these past three weeks or so; she just didn’t want to. After all, why take a few tottering steps when you can just sink to the floor and scoot around on all fours? We’d tricked Vivian into walking a couple of steps here and there, by pulling ourselves away rather than being used as some hand-hold, but this time she did it. She did it for real.

And she picked the perfect time to do this, as well: when not one, not two, but all three sets of grandparents were in the room to see the moment captured on video. Great timing, Vivian!

Click on either of the frames above to get the video.


In other news, voting has begun on the second round of the Canadian Blog Awards. You can vote here once a day from now until this Friday, and the results will be posted on Sunday, December 3 at 9 p.m.

I’m up for Best Entertainment Blog and Best Blog Post Series, and I really appreciate your support. But I hope you’ll give everybody their due. It’s a fine collection of links Robert has gathered.

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