Talk About a Music Mix

Here at Bow. James Bow, we don’t ask the questions that everybody is afraid to ask, we simply find the questions no-one has thought to ask, but somebody has answered, prompting us to ask the next question: but why?!

So, courtesy of the Unofficial Apple Weblog comes an advertisement that asks the question: can you put an iPod through a blender.

This ad is part of a brilliant Internet-based marketing campaign by Blendtec to sell their line of industrial-strength blenders. You can see all of their ads at their website, so you can ask such questions as:

Wow. Good job, guys!


Similarly, these Church ads which parody the “I’m a Mac” commercials from the Community Christian Church are quite clever, and I have to have a lot of respect for a brand of Christianity that’s willing to poke a little fun at itself. My only objection to these ads is that the church in question seems to have abandoned the phrase “Christian” to certain evangelicals in response to the growing disquiet over the “in your face” nature of those churches.

This is not ground that I would like give up, personally. I was a Christian before some of the fundamentalists that go too far, and if these fundamentalists think that people like the “I’m a Christ Follower” guy aren’t Christian enough, well then they should be the ones vacating the term.

A Window onto my Thought Processes

So, I’m working through in my mind a review of the first few episodes of the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood, and I end up going off on a tangent.

Me: Torchwood is like a James Bond movie where Q has gone insane and holed himself up in a fortress somewhere to build increasingly more ludicrous (and effective) doomsday devices, while repelling several attempts by James Bond to bring him in… hey, wait, that would be a great James Bond movie plot, wouldn’t it? Bond versus Q?
Erin: Except that ‘Q’ is now ‘R’ and played by John Cleese.
Me: Even better!!!

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