What's Jack Layton's Moustache Still Doing on his Face?


(Update: NBCDipper supplies the answer in the comments)

Anybody remember this:

It has been widely reported that NDP leader Jack Layton will shave off his moustache in order to raise $1000 for charity.

Those of you who have followed Jack’s political life from Toronto city councillor to near-mayor, to head of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and power-broker in parliament, know that Jack’s moustache has long been his trademark. When was the last time a federal leader wore a moustache? Not since Sir Robert Borden, I think.

In recognition of the loss of this national institution, I believe the three other federal leaders should grow their moustaches out.

Or, failing that, apply false moustaches for the next debate.

The deal reached to shave off the national institution known as Jack Layton’s moustache was a charity event held by an Ottawa radio station and was agreed to by Layton’s wife, Olivia Chow, live on the air. The conditions for the moustache coming off were as follows:

  • First, the station will have to raise a significant amount of cash for charities in both Ottawa and in her Toronto riding;
  • Second, she has to win her Trinity-Spadina riding, a race she lost by 800 votes in the 2004 election to Liberal MP Tony Ianno; and
  • Third; it can only occur during the spring or summer, so that Chow can be present for the drastic change and have time to accustom herself to Layton, sans lip hair.

Well, Olivia Chow is now in parliament. We’ve had also spring go by, as well as summer, and Jack still has his cookie duster. So, I have to ask: what happened? Was insufficient cash raised for the charity? Did the hosts of the radio station disappear under mysterious circumstances? What? Will this be revisited anytime soon?

These images are courtesy Sweet Neo Conned.

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