Doctor Who is Back!

Just a reminder that Doctor Who is back from the CBC’s imposed holiday hiatus, with part two of the devilish tale, The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. If you were frustrated by the unresolved cliffhanger back in December, you won’t want to miss its resolution this week. And, trust me, it’s not what you’d expect. A full review will appear tomorrow.

Retcon of the Sith

Courtesy Jordon Cooper comes an intriguing examination of how the original Star Wars movies play out, under the influence of the three prequels. I engaged in this sort of writing when I was more deeply in fandom — and I still do.

Much of Obi-Wan’s behaviour in this film, and Yoda’s in the next, can best be understood if they are frankly scared to death of what Luke might become. (Ben is also scared that he himself will make all the same mistakes he made with Anakin.)

Writing Question: Towards versus Toward

Quick writing question, and an illustration that no writer knows everything. Is it “toward” or “towards”? Because, for as long as I can remember, I’ve written sentences like “I threw the ball towards her”. It’s what I say when I speak. But as I type this, the Canadian dictionary minding Firefox keeps telling me that this is a mistake. I should be writing “I threw the ball toward her” — which at least also sounds right.

Tellingly, I’ve never been corrected on this.

So which is it? And why? Anybody know?

Ask Perpetua, Rosemary and Peter

Finally, here’s a meme filched from Rebecca Anderson, which we actually ran a couple of years ago. It’s a fun writer’s exercise, but it’s a bit risky on a blog because it requires some audience participation. Basically, you’re going to ask questions of any of the characters that I’ve written, and I will try to answer them in the voice of the characters you ask. This exercise is helpful in allowing me to get to know these characters better, and I could make use of what I discover in The Night Girl and The Young City.

Thanks in advance to everybody who participates. Have at it!

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