Heroism is Alive

Unfortunately, this story did not end well, but I think that it’s still a remarkable tale, and those dozen individuals who tried to rescue a driver after his car broke through a barrier and rolled down an embankment into a watery grave, still deserve citations for bravery.

We’ve often heard this story, of people who stood idly by while one of their number was attacked, or suffered an accident or otherwise needed help and didn’t get it. How could people just stand by and do nothing, people wonder. Well, these people did do something, which is remarkable and heartening, and one woman I think deserves special mention for breaking the bystanders out of their daze.

With light fading, some people stood by, not going further into the frigid water. A woman shouted, “Come on, get down here. If this was your family, you would want them helped.”

Then, about 15 to 20 people, from schoolteachers to secretaries, lined up and formed a human chain, linking their arms and using their feet to sweep the water for a body. Hooper, using his instincts and training in water rescue, took command along with Beatty.

Nine days ago, fellow author Bob Tarantino stood in absolute disbelief as some individuals criticized the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings for not doing enough to rush a heavily armed killer, suggesting that this was evidence that there was a culture of enforced cowardice afflicting North America. Well, Bob can at least point to this story and show that there are still heroes everywhere, whatever others might say.

Hat tip to Warren Kinsella.

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