Ontario's Little Known Germ Warfare Program

Erin and I have been laid low this past weekend by a nasty head and chest cold brought home by Vivian. Which highlights the one significant disadvantage to Ontario’s Early Years program of child development. These pre-school centres are a boon, providing Vivian with intellectual stimulation and contact with toddlers her own age, but also exposing her to every germ going around southwestern Ontario’s under-five set.

Well, some people might say that this is a necessary step to building Vivian’s immune system, and certainly she has shown a remarkable resilience. Indeed, she often recovers before we do, presenting us with the quandary of two sick parents dealing with an active, healthy toddler.

I swear, I have been sicker this past year than I have the five years beforehand, which leads me to a disturbing conclusion. Clearly my ability to avoid the latest bug had more to do with how little social contact I had with the outside world than it did any kind of iron-clad constitution. Oh, well.

Blogging has been a little light this past week, both because of the cold (bad) and because of progress on The Night Girl (good), but also because of a frustratingly intermittent DSL connection on the part of Primus.ca. If you’re reading this, you can assume that I managed to find the Net for those few seconds when it flashed on and was able to post this. Hopefully, things will be back to normal by the end of this week.

What is it with me and the Internet? Fortunately, this episode isn’t affecting my clients’ websites (like the last time, including Greg Staples’ blog, but I would still like to go and read it.

It’s been a busy week, otherwise. My article on the Green Roofs industry ran in the Alberta, Manitoba/Saskatchewan and Ontario editions of Business Edge this past Friday, and I’ve been working on publicity for Fathom Five. I should have an announcement about a special Toronto launch in the next few days, as well as news about BookExpo. Stay tuned.

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