Waterloo-Wellington Blogstravaganza Invitation


You are cordially invited to the Waterloo-Wellington blogstravaganza happening this Saturday afternoon in uptown Waterloo. The festivities start at the Waterloo Public Library, as Erin and I launch our two latest books in a family-friendly event hosted by the Waterloo Public Library. We’ll gather in the auditorium of the main branch (35 Albert Street) at 2 p.m.; readings will follow (from my Fathom Five and Erin’s The Mongoose Diaries, and there will be a question and answer session and book signings.


Further details about the dual launch can be found here.

Then, at 4 p.m., we’ll all head down to the Red Lion Inn at the Heuther Hotel for some pub food, drinks and some conversation. This is your chance to put a face to some of the names you’ve been reading day in, day out. A good time is had by all and while bloggers are specifically invited to this gathering, blog readers are also welcome.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Hmm… Three days since I last updated my blog. I haven’t been this lax since… I’m not sure when.

But it has been crazy busy here. Erin is working her tail off at the University, and I’m madly preparing for our joint launch. Only yesterday did I figure out what it was I was going to read; Erin hasn’t yet had that luxury.

This will kick off an exciting and busy month which will see me travel to Ottawa and Toronto and attend BookExpo. Erin’s publisher, Wolsak and Wynn are also thinking about a Toronto event specifically for Erin, and we might try a joint event there as well to bolster publicity.

Our joint launch here has attracted some interest. The Record sent a reporter, Barb Aggerholm, to talk to us about our writing life (and I got to see, first hand, that I suck when it comes to taking quotes from other individuals during my own interviews. Whereas I madly type away and have to squint through a kind of shorthand in order to extract decent quotes, Barb can write down what I say on a notepad, without actually looking at her notepad (which is a little bit creepy, actually). Her fingers just blur; it’s so amazing.

As Erin noted, they also sent a photographer, which didn’t go so well on the Saturday as Vivian, the obvious cherubic star of the upcoming article, was in a Bad Mood, and quite loudly refused to be photographed, forcing a reshoot the following Monday. That reshoot went well, thanks to employing the trick of plunking her in her stroller and whisking her about like a chariot.

Between all of this, I’ve not been able to do any business writing, and my goal this month of finishing a first draft of The Night Girl now seems optimistic, although I do seem to be on pace to match the 5000 words per month I managed in the first four months of this year. I also have three web commissions, of which only one has started. Fortunately, the other one is patient, and the third one doesn’t start until later this summer.

Despite all of the stress, this is what I want to do with my life. I’m especially looking forward to the trip to Ottawa next week. But I’ll be glad of a breather this Sunday, and I know Erin will too.

A Big Non-Partisan Oops

Some of you may have noticed that the old Non-Partisan URL of nonpartisans.ca doesn’t work anymore. I should have checked this, but I didn’t realize this until it was brought to my attention by this individual (thanks Bruce).

I still own the domain, but after some suggestions, I’ve decided to reroute the website to www.nonpartisans.ca. At the same time, I’ve been quietly switching domain name providers and in this one case, rather than have the new domain point to the domain name servers of my current webhost, I accidentally had the domain pointed to the native domain name servers of the new domain name provider. The only domain name of the dozen or so I own.

I’ve made the correction, and those clicking to nonpartisans.ca should be rerouted to the new site within the next couple of days.

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