Quick Hits - May 25

I do have one more writing credit to mention. Copies of the third issue of Blackfly Magazine should be hitting the shelves of better bookstores, and I’m in it.

Blackfly is a young (three issues so far) magazine that focuses on Ontario politics to “encourage debate amongst Ontarians about the future of our province and to provide the information to foster that debate”. It’s very well done, with an attractive layout and meaty articles.

I managed to parlay my wind article for Business Edge, by adding additional research and follow-up interviews, shifting the focus to the regulatory hoops which seem to be frustrating the process of installing these turbines. I like to believe that the article is a fair assessment of natural struggle between pursuing a desireable policy, and following the process that’s designed to protect all the affected parties. There are issues here for and against that affect businesses, farmers, other landowners, environmentalists and community activists, and I like to believe that the article would be of interest to anybody, whether a reader of Blackfly or someone more conservative.

In all, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and my article is on the cover. Pick up your copy today.

Your Answers in the Comments

A good friend of mine sent me this screen capture of the iTunes user agreement, with the relevant point highlighted. It goes to show that we’ve gotten way too paranoid when it comes to liability and risk.


Okay, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what musician’s songs would represent an iTunes equivalent of “nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.”

For me, there was that time — do you remember — when some bright light at Major League Baseball got the idea of having Rosanne Barr sing the American national anthem before a large audience, and she did such a bad job it made national news.

This was in the early 1990s, as some commentators suggested dropping her on Iraq.

Now It Can Be Revealed…

The secret of how your mouse pointers work. Hat tip Andrew Gurudata.

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