Thank You All For a Wonderful Launch

The Fathom Five/Mongoose Diaries joint launch went off very well, with over two dozen people turning out and copies selling rapidly. There were some hiccups. Erin’s book, arriving directly from the printers, did come in late thanks to Waterloo Region’s tradition of renaming the streets partway through their runs (it keeps the invaders guessing), but nobody missed out on buying their copies.

We split our readings, with Erin reading a portion from the pregnancy section of The Mongoose Diaries before I did my twenty minutes of Fathom Five. After a brief question and answer session and some time spent allowing people to purchase copies, Erin finished the session with a selection of entries from around the time she went back to work. Then we both signed copies. Friends and relatives were around to take pictures, as was someone from the University of Waterloo’s Imprint. I’ll post these as soon as I have them downloaded.

I’d like to thank Cathy Matyas, chief librarian of the Waterloo Public Library, for lending us the space and introducing us, and I’d also like to thank Cheryl of Words Worth Books who went above and beyond the call of duty serving attendees, even though the store had four other writing events that day to contend with.

And I’d like to thank everybody who came out. It was good meeting you all. And we had a fun blogstravaganza as well. Unfortunately Greg Bester couldn’t make it, but between Greg Staples, Cameron Dixon and Rebecca Anderson, we have plenty to talk about in terms of television geekery (seriously, it was an interesting balance. Greg, Cameron and Rebecca all watched Heroes, but I didn’t. Greg, Cameron and I all watched Battlestar Galactica and Rebecca didn’t, and Cameron, Rebecca and I all watched Doctor Who and Greg didn’t, so we each had a show to sell to the other).

Record Article

We also had a nice bit of publicity from our local paper The Record, which kindly put together a profile of Erin and me, just in time for the joint launch. The photo they selected was excellent, and we’ll be getting some reprints to send to the family. Thanks to Barb Aggerholm for a wonderful piece.

Star Wars Memories

I might as well join the meme. Thirty years ago this week, Star Wars hit the screens for the first time. My parents took me to see it when I came out, and I think you can tell how good a movie is with the memories it leaves with you. I don’t remember much about the first movie, save for the garbage compactor scene (I was five at the time), but I do have vivid memories of The Empire Strikes Back, and I bet you can guess what scenes I remember most. Yup, you guessed it: the attack of the Imperial Walkers. Gosh, darn, those things were impressive.

I also remember the hype surrounding the release of The Phantom Menace. Hard to believe that was eight years ago today (thanks for the correction). The company at which I worked — a software manufacturer — gave us all the day off and basically rented a theatre so we could all watch it. Quite a perk. And I’m ashamed to admit that though the movie was a shadow of its Star Wars self, I did end up going to see it three times. And paying full price for it too.

Sadly, Lucas’s brilliance disappeared up his own conceited mythology and, like Chris Carter with The X-Files, he demonstrated with The Phantom Menace and the films following that he had no real idea of what actually made Star Wars work. I saw Attack of the Clones only once, and I have refused on point of principle to see Revenge of the Sith. The attempts Lucas has made to recapture his old glory have been, frankly, sad.

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