Quick Hits - June 10

Some quick posts while Erin and I head down to Toronto so that she can sign copies of The Mongoose Diaries at BookExpo…

Runaway Bride Update

Okay, let me diplomatically say that I’m finding the CBC’s treatment of Doctor Who to be… odd.

My earlier report about the third season of the revival starting Monday, June 18 at 8 p.m. is correct. The CBC will be showing Smith and Jones at that time, but fans of the series will be missing an episode between where the series left off with Doomsday.

I realize the second Christmas special, entitled The Runaway Bride, complicates the CBC’s life. Running at 60 minutes instead of the usual 42, it would require another thirty minutes of air time, and the CBC is hoping to debut new episodes of Hustle following Smith and Jones, and there’s no way, short of hockey, that they’ll delay The National.

However, with the Senators’ unfortunate exit from the playoffs, there is a timeslot free at 8 p.m. on Monday, June 11. That’s a perfect time to slot in The Runaway Bride and give the summer series a boost. However, what does the CBC do instead? Schedule in a hacked-down version of the movie Signs. Instead, those who want to see The Runaway Bride can watch it, out of order, at midnight on Monday, June 18 (set your VCRs and DVD recorders)

Guys, you are listed as the co-producers of the third season of Doctor Who. One would expect you to take better care of your investment!


Instead of Ketchup, Use Guacamole

Turns out you don’t have to be a Vulcan in order to have green blood. Who knew?

And discovered in Canada, no less!

Don’t try this at home, Star Trek fans…

On Conservative Integrity, Part II

Here’s part one of this discussion.

Far be it from me to tell people flat out what they should be blogging about, it is still quite heartening for me to hear that a number of Conservative bloggers have taken the Bill Casey/Peter MacKay issue by the horns. This post by Mark Peters shows an integrity that will serve the Conservatives well over the long term, along with a willingness to ask the tough questions.

Unfortunately, Stageleft has little difficulty in finding a Conservative supporter all too willing to place party loyalty ahead of integrity.

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