Rise of the Machines, Part II

Oh, sure, we think this is cool now, but when the “artist” sends these things marching on Washington, I think we’ll be laughing on the other side of our faces. Be warned, the machine invasion is here!


Hat tip to Rebecca Anderson.

Things Sesame Street Got Wrong

I wonder if my parents remember this.

One time when I was about six, I think, my parents were horrified when, before putting away the sliced bread, I put my lips to the opening of the plastic wrapper around the bread and blew it up like a balloon. I then put the inflated bread bag in the bread drawer.

Well, this got me quite a lecture. I was putting my germs all over the bread. Did I want my mother to get sick? Did I want to get sick? But I was quite perplexed. I thought I was on pretty firm ground here, since I’d seen the same thing happen on television, on Sesame Street, no less. That education program showed a family packing and preserving green beans that they had grown themselves, and one of the images that stuck in my mind was one of the kids putting the beans in a plastic bag, putting his lips to the bag, and blowing into it loudly.

Of course, that didn’t wash with my parents, who frankly didn’t believe that Sesame Street could have shown such a thing. So, I took their lecture and never did that sort of thing again. But that lecture and that image occasionally came back to me.

So, I’m ashamed to admit that it’s taken me twenty-nine years to realize that the kids on television weren’t blowing air into their bag of green beans, but sucking it out.

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