The Only Time I Will Ever Use the Words 'Paris' and 'Hilton' in a Post

Unless, of course, I actually go to Paris and stay at the Hilton Hotel, although that’s not likely. In light of recent events, I’ve decided that if the Hilton family truly own the Hilton chain, that I should just permanently boycott them.

Hat tip to Nunc Scio for posting this. MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski has my undying respect, now, for treating the Paris Hilton non-story with the disrespect it deserves.

I’m torn as to whether Mika’s two co-anchors are joking around, giving this story the story disrespect it deserves, or if they’re failing to give Mika the respect she deserves. But I still like the stand Mika took. Hear, here!

Sensible and Conservative Thinking

Wondering where to get your fix for sensible conservative thought now that Andrew Anderson is no more? Well, how about turning to The Progressive Right? Though he and I are coming down on different sides of this election, thanks to McGuinty’s transit plan, I’m still happy to visit his site again and again. This Tory supporter belongs to both the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians and the Waterloo Wellington Bloggers Association and speaks persuasively and without rancour about his points of view. Here’s a sample of his work:

Now, to set the stage, another urban / rural myth is busted [CBC, Crime rates higher in small cities: Statistics Canada]:

The overall crime rate in small urban areas — home to at least 1,000 people — was 43 per cent higher than in large urban areas with a core of at least 100,000, indicates the Statistics Canada study of 2005 crime rates that was released Thursday. Only in Quebec were crime rates higher in bigger cities.

[H/T, More Notes From Underground]

Now if you’ll allow me to use the reference “certain segments of the population” once again; there are certain segments of the population who incorrectly believe that Toronto and big cities are unsafe and home to too much crime. This immediately dispels this myth.

What’s more interesting, however, a lesser person, might for instance say, that small urban and rural areas are in a death spiral and that they need to “give their heads a shake” - clean up their act before they start coming back to us for more of our hard-earned tax dollars.

That would certainly be the case if the flow of taxes and the crime rate statistics were reversed.

Bottom line, crime is everybody’s problem and support and help should go where it’s needed.


Hear, here! And read the whole thing

Apple Frustration

Here is a tale of two websites. With all of the publicity surrounding the release of the Apple iPhone, the Apple website at is all atwitter:


I have to admit that the new iPhones look really good.

The Apple Canada website, however, has this discouraging image:


OsX Leopard doesn’t appear until this October, incidentally.

(Sigh) The only carrier capable of hosting the Apple iPhone is, apparently, Rogers, and they’re not showing a particular interest in jumping on the bandwagon. Mind you, I don’t know why I’m complaining. At $600 US, the only way I’m going to land one of these is if Apple decides to send a few out to bloggers, as Nokia did last year, and with the iPhone selling so well, we all know the likelihood of that one somewhat inversely exceeds the likelihood of the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup anytime soon.

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