And Thank You Toronto!

Despite a stressful time fighting 401 traffic (what was it with the traffic today? It was worse than when I drove in on Thursday!), I arrived in time for the Toronto launch of Fathom Five and enjoyed myself immensely. Nicholas Hoare Booksellers is an excellent venue, and we had a good turnout, including my grade six teacher, Mr. Turner, and my best friend from grade school, Dusko. It was a great opportunity to catch up; Mr. Turner even brought a class photo to show how much I’d grown.

I read for a space, and Bob Tarantino gave a presentation in promotion of his upcoming book, Under Arrest. He shocked the audience by notifying us that it’s still technically illegal to purchase a comic book depicting violence, and he read a funny and illuminating passage about the perils that arise when you criminalize everything to do about prostitution, but not the act of prostitution itself. Despite the eclectic mix of subjects, I think the audience was impressed and Bob made a few sales.

After the book signing, a number of us retired to the Flatiron and Firkin pub across the street. I stayed behind and ran into a few latecomers, who were still most welcome. At the blogstravaganza, it was good to get a chance to talk to Jason Cherniak again, and to finally put a face to Mark Dowling, the blogger behind From Cork to Toronto. We had three lawyers at the table (well, two lawyers, and an IT guy from a law firm), so I spent most of my time just listening to discussions that were far beyond my expertise, but which were interesting nonetheless.

So I’d like to thank everybody involved for a successful day and a good time.

Unfortunately, while the launch went well, it was about the only thing that worked out this day. Early this morning, our cat Gus escaped through our back screen door for a second time. And unlike the time he did it five years ago, it looks like he’s staying lost. And Erin and I are heading down to Des Moines and Lincoln tomorrow.

We’ve searched the neighbourhood and distributed flyers. Tomorrow, I’m calling the Humane Society. Fortunately, my parents are in town, so if somebody finds Gus, he’ll still have a place to go.

I still have hopes that he’ll turn up at the back screen door tomorrow morning, but he’s an indoor cat, and the prognosis doesn’t look good, does it?

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