Family Photographs

I’m going to take today (Labour Day) a little easy after the Week of the Rhinoceros. I’ve shifted the blog dates so that they show as being on the day of posting, rather than one year in the future, so as not to clutter up the front page of the blog, and I’ve put in redirects to ensure that no links get broken as a result.

Doctor Who fans should note that today’s showing on the CBC will be a repeat, just in case the CFL game this afternoon runs long and disrupts the day’s schedule. The repeat will be Gridlock, which I know some people missed due to earlier scheduling shifts resulting from the U20 World Cup final, so this is your opportunity to catch it again. New episodes will resume next week with Utopia, another episode you shouldn’t miss.

And now, because I can, more Vivian photographs.


Vivian poses for a photo at the photo studio, during the week when her grandparents came from Iowa.


Vivian tries on a bowler hat. After some initial reluctance, she’s starting to like wearing hats.


Vivian plays the piano.


Neat dome on a playground in Victoria Park, Kitchener.


Sitting on a chair in Owen Sound.


Vivian and her grandmother on a swing in rural Iowa.

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